Welcome to The PDHPE Wiki for Preliminary and HSC students. You'll find this wiki to be a resourceful resource
which will help facilitate extra learning of specific contents of course.

On this wiki you will find information in regards to Preliminary and HSC PDHPE course and cores,study materials (exam style questions, practice papers and multiple choice questions),a copy of the Stage 6 PDHPE Syllabus and a glossary terms to helpcater for your learning.


...The Place to Test Yourself...
Below are the links to the past HSC papers for PDHPE 2010 back to 2006. If you as a student is wanting to test yourself on more papers I have added a link where you can go directly and pick a year that you would like the exam paper from (LINK 1).

Bored of Studies - Past HSC Exam Papers
2010 PDHPE HSC Exam Paper2009 PDHPE HSC Exam Paper2008 PDHPE HSC Exam Paper2007 PDHPE HSC Exam Paper2006 PDHPE HSC Exam Paper

Every past HSC Multiple Question since the year 2001 has been stored on a database on behalf of the Bored of Studies webiste. you can attempt to do the practice tests as many times as you like and you can attempt anywhere frrrom 5 to 50 questions at a time, with a timer to stimulate exam conditions.
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