This page allows the students who are interested to further their understanding and knowledge by visiting some or all of the website mentioned below to gain a greater knowledge and learn new information on a particular topic.

HSC Help and Support for Students:

Assessment Resource Centre
Board of Studies
Bored of Studies
Extended Response Help
Notes from the Marking Centre
NSW HSC Online
Past HSC Papers
Peer Support Australia

Useful Websites for Students:

Australian Bureau of Statistcs
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian Institute of Sport
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
Australian Sports Commission
Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission of Australia
Instant Anatomy

Below are two links that will help facilittate the learning of students. Each link contains additional resources to their study of either Preliminary PDHPE or HSC PDHPE. The are numerous amounts of resources within the documents about all content of study including cores and all options. I hope you find this information relevant to the content you are learning within your classroom.